StudyTrack - beta version

Track the complete learning experience of your students and upgrade them to a degree outcome later with a complete accreditation record.

With StudyTrack, you can give your students the option to upgrade to an accredited degree outcome after they begin their program.

The Airlock SDK can track learning at each stage of your funnel. All the prior learning activity of your students is added to their accredited record the moment they upgrade.


Up to 33% of a Degree can be completed with StudyTrack.

Many students begin studying before upgrading to a full Degree purchase. StudyTrack allows Colleges to track all student’s learning and convert the student to the Degree at a later time.

StudyTrack is designed to help Woolf Colleges convert more students into a degree pathway. Students do not need to enroll in a degree at the start - StudyTrack logs student activities inside courses to build a strong educational learning record which forms the basis for issuing credits when the student later upgrades to the degree.

Students that are not tracked with StudyTrack will not be permitted to convert to a Degree at a later time. Their untracked learning will not be included in the degree. If students upgrade to a degree they will need to retake any courses that were not tracked.

How does it work?

  1. Define your target audience for upgrading to Degree Students – those who do not agree to buy a Degree now.

  2. You may want to collect consent to allow Woolf to track their course activity. This is typically already covered by your website’s Privacy Policy (sharing data with third parties), but you may choose to have students opt in to StudyTrack.

    Be sure to add the student as partial before the student starts course learning. Otherwise gathered learning record won’t be full. Woolf does not track past events.

  3. Send the student as your College member “partial” student with Airlock API. We require the following student data: email, first and last name. Use mutation addUser. In field isPartial send true.


        email: String!
        nameFirst: String
        nameLast: String
        extensions: Json
            isPartial: Boolean
      ): User 

    The student is added to College with a mark partial. This student is not part of any degree or course at this point. The student has not yet passed Woolf’s onboarding.

  4. After a student is added to College as “partial” he must have access to the Woolf widget on your platform wherever learning is happening. It’s required that the student has a widget and visible present to have a fully valid record.

  5. Woolf adds this student in status “partial” to your College space. It means that tracking is unblocked. Any activity with resources from your College course libraries can be tracked.

    • Airlock SDK tracks resource consumption
    • College is able to send student assignment submissions, grades, and feedback with API.
  6. When a student completes their first activity within a course, Woolf will auto-enroll this student in the course with the status “partial”. The status of partial in the course means that:

    • activity is tracked and student record in formed in Woolf AMS
    • student is in the list of course students in Woolf in status “partial”
    • student can not be submitted for approval to Academic Board. Can’t graduate from course.


  • Woolf tracks student activity and forms course activity records for students that are being tracked by Woolf. The student is not added to any degree. Student must be added as “partial” member of College.
  • These students have the status “partial” the students list for each course where they have learning activity logged. In this status Woolf tracks student resource consumption, submitted assignments, received grades and feedback.
  • Student in status “partial” is not allowed to be submitted for approval and finalize course. To do this student must buy a degree and become active.


College must add student as partial before the student starts learning within a course, so Woolf has full course history tracked.

If a Student in the middle of learning was added to College as partial, the data will be missing, as most of the activities are real-time tracked.

Convert student to a Degree

  1. When a student decides to enroll in the degree - College uses mutation addDegreeStudent . After signing the enrollment agreement, and finishing degree onboarding - student status is active.
  2. The student becomes a regular student with all the rights and opportunities and is ready to be submitted for approval and finalize courses and degrees.