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Introducing Airlock.

Build seamless experiences for students with a custom course library, easy enrollment, guided onboarding, and much more. Ensure 24/7 compliance by integrating with the Woolf Accreditation Management System (AMS) using Airlock.

Synced Course Library

Create course content and manage your course library from within your own learning environment with the Airlock GraphQL API. Send student submissions, grades, and teacher feedback from your LMS straight to Woolf's Accreditation Management System.

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Student Onboarding

Included as part of the Airlock SDK, Woolf's student-facing widget helps users monitor their degree application progress for a premium enrollment and onboarding experience.

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24/7 Compliance Tracking

Maintain data flow from your LMS to Woolf. Using the Airlock SDK for tracking specific events—such as authentication, resource consumption, and submission of assignments and grades—you can automatically log student activity history in your LMS onto the Woolf AMS. Automate the QA process for around-the-clock compliance that provides transparency to regulators and leaves you feeling good about your accredited program.

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Woolf is the first global collegiate higher education institution that lets qualified organizations join as member colleges and offer accredited degrees.

We're on a mission to increase access to world-class higher education and ensure that it is globally recognized and transferable. Our mission starts with developers like you.

By building seamless integrations with Woolf that help qualified organizations instantly accredit programs, you're helping to build the world's first global collegiate network. Please get in touch to share your thoughts about how we can continue to improve our experience for developers.

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